Optical Coherence Tomography True Color Fundus photo

Introducing automated OCT, true color fundus photography and automated OCT Angiography in one comapct instrument. With the touch of a button, OCTA provides you instantaneous vascular structure information – from our world-renowned, multi-modal OCT solution.

Key Features

Fully automated image capture

Compact and space-saving design

Hood Report for Glaucoma

12mm x 9mm Wide field OCT

Fully automated OCT Angiography

Hood Report for Glaucoma with Maps

Retinal Thickness/RNFL/GCL and probability maps, all in one report.
The Hood Glaucoma Report is now available.
This innovative report streamlines the decision-making process through
the correlation of structure (GCL/RNFL) with function(overlay of visual field test locations).

Courtesy: Michael H. Chen, OD
Courtesy: Miho Nozaki, MD, PhD (Nagoya City University Hospital)

Now featuring OCT Angiography

At the touch of a button, Maestro2 provides instantaneous vascular information without the need for contrast dye injection, together with comprehensive segmentation to enable advanced diagnosis. OCT Angiography includes the blood vessel density. *1 *2

*1 OCTA optional extra in some countries. Please check with the distributor in your country.
*2 The value of the blood vessel density is calculated based on the intensity of the OCT Angiography image and it does not quantify the actual blood vessel density.

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