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Topcon Healthcare Announces Framelens Optical as Official Distributor in Brunei

Topcon Healthcare is proud to announce the appointment of Framelens Optical as its official distributor in Brunei. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the availability and support of Topcon’s advanced products and services within the region.

Framelens Optical, renowned for its dynamic approach and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction in medical equipment distribution, emerges as an ideal partner for Topcon Healthcare. With a steadfast focus on delivering high-quality products and exceptional after sales service, making it an ideal partner for Topcon. This collaboration will focus on providing comprehensive solutions to eye care professionals, ensuring they have access to the latest technology and innovations in Topcon’s product lineup, thereby enhancing healthcare delivery.

“We are excited to welcome Framelens Optical to the Topcon family,” said Leo Nagatake, Managing Director of Topcon Healthcare SEA. “Their expertise in efficient distribution and commitment to redefining standards of care align seamlessly with our values. We are confident that this partnership will greatly benefit our customers in Brunei”.

As part of this collaboration, Framelens Optical will offer a comprehensive range of Topcon products, including the acclaimed Iridex series. In addition to product distribution, Framelens Optical will provide training and support to empower eye care professionals in Brunei to leverage the full potential of Topcon’s cutting-edge technology.   

For more information about Topcon products and services in Brunei, please contact Framelens Optical at or visit